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Are these the 3 causes of dis-ease?

Brahmachari Wolfgang

Have you considered where the source of dis-ease originates? Brahmachari Wolfgang provided answers in a recent service entitled: “God’s Vital Love of Health & Well Being”. I hope you enjoy the following notes taken.

What are the three types of dis-ease?  What laws promote physical, mental and spiritual health?

We’ll explore this topic and after reading introduce you to a Healthy Bundle if you feel a need for a jump start.

Three types of dis-ease:

  1. Physical – ex. bacterial invasion, comes to us through conscious or subconscious transgressions of health & hygiene laws
  2. Psychological – invasions of “mental bacteria” from wrong thinking – fear, anger, worry, greed, temptation, lack of self-control
  3. Spiritual delusion, lack of intuition, lack of inner peace bewilderment of the meaning and purpose of life

What to do for physical ailments?  Right eating, fasting, sun bathing, positive thinking to undo physical stress, relieving pressure on nerves through chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage and yoga.

Lake Shrine

For psychological:   overcome mental worries with concentration on meditation. Keep company with Saints. Visit shrines, keep company with positive thinking individuals

Spiritual ignorance is the root cause of all suffering. Keep your angels, guides, Saints close by. Read good books. Have the love for God within and without. 

Our bodies are a bundle of motion. We have 30-100 trillion cells. Each cell has a trillion atoms. Every second 10 million cells die.

Rebuilding and death are constant. We are 99.9% space… all electro magnetic waves.

LOVE is law. If we want to heal, we must go back to the Law – LOVE.

Keeping everything in balance will keep the Immune system strong. The Immune system is very intelligent.

Avoid: overeating, too much sex, lack of exercise, bad environments, constipation.


Do: eat sparingly, plenty of fruit, plenty of exercise. Obey hygiene laws. Take early morning walks. Bathe daily in the bacteria killing sunshine (mornings & late afternoon). Immune system is only strong if Vitmain D is strong.

Give time to yourself. Thank you for reading and if you would like to get started on creating great gut biome, click here.  Please remember to have your Vit. D levels checked.  Dr. Brouse recommends keeping the level between 75-125.

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