Life after death… is like stepping into an enchanted forest ~ not knowing what awaits yet taking each step in faith, knowing that one is fully protected.

The sequence of the magically-timed phenomena was nothing less than miraculous.  Some would label these as coincidences. I know them as miracles. The evening of March 19, 2007 at 7:00 pm was unusual in every way.

A dear friend was over for a dinner appointment – she did not hesitate in calling 911 or awakening my husband Terry. Incredibly rare for him to be ill, he was bedridden with the flu. Normally, he would have been on the 7 o’clock dog walk with our one dog, while I was home alone with our other dog – aging, disabled Maxi.

Firetruck #35 had just returned to the station. Knowing the most direct route was clogged, a split-second decision was made to navigate an alternate route at break-neck speeds reaching our home in 7 minutes flat.

Terry never stopped giving me CPR.  My heart had stopped, medically-speaking, we later learned from a congenital, electrical malfunction – Long QT.  Only electrical currents could reboot it.  After 7 electrical shocks and 9 full minutes without a heartbeat, there was a beat once again.  But Terry’s unwavering commitment to continue CPR even when the situation appeared fatal was what kept 10-15% oxygen in my brain.

I spent 2 days in a coma; 3 weeks hospitalized and am now in the fifth year of a seven year recovery period.  I remember nothing.  All of this is a story told to me many months & years later.  What I recall, though, is being in a cocoon of angelic love… soft, moonlight white, rhythmic heartbeat, being infused with love and protection. All three sons and my beloved husband, Terry, were by my side.

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