The 4 R’s: Re-duce, Re-use, Re-Purpose, Re-cycle

From my Papa, I learned a deep respect for our environment and for conserving our natural resources. On our 13 acre Pennsylvania property, my Papa planted 2000 Pine Trees. From a very young age, I learned the value of composting and recycling. Even when serving a wedding reception or banquet for 200, we always recycled. And recycling in the 60’s meant cleaning, relabeling, flattening all cans and sorting by color all glass. The only recycling center, at that time, was 20 miles away. We were taught to never let water run or waste heat. The house temperature was set at 68 by day, 60 at night and a stone fireplace warmed our living/kitchen area. And to this day, that’s the setting for our thermometer during Fall and Winter. Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle are so ingrained in my DNA, that I have been composting, gardening, recycling, and trying my best to do my part in conserving our natural resources. To be associated with a large company who does their part brings me immense joy.

Shaklee Environmental Achievements

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