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Spring 2024 News – How to Spring Clean your Face, Colon, and House

Seeing the springtime flowers burst their little heads through the earth, hearing the Springtime birds sing is surely a sign that Spring has sprung. Spring is a time of cleansing and renewal. This news edition will be dedicated to nourishing our bodies through several cleansing choices, creating a Green Home with environmentally safe non-toxic products, and renewing our skin with the new Pomifera Skin Care.

Glow Up Bundle #89717
Retail: 166.45 Member: 141.50

In my 40+ years with Shaklee, I don’t believe I’ve ever started a newsletter with skin care, but this new Pomifera Glow Up Bundle is exceptional and I have only tried 2 of the 4 products in the bundle. So what does this Glow Up Bundle offer to our facial skin? It hydrates, smooths, and softens for visibly healthy skin.

Thus far, I have been using the moisturizer and serum. There is just a hint of natural fragrance. The moisturizer is smooth; no heaviness or greasiness. The serum is unbelievable. Literally, just a few drops is needed for the face & neck; the same for the moisturizer. Applying the serum feels like one has just received a 5 star spa treatment. The products are very concentrated. I’ve been using the moisturizer and serum now for over 2 months, twice daily and there is still some product left.

Remember, our skin is our largest organ and 90% of what we apply to the skin is absorbed into the blood stream. Use this Pomifera Bundle & know you’re treating yourself to the best.

Next… signals pass both ways between the colon and the brain. How clean is our colon? Below are several different choices to cleanse, feel lighter and healthier.

Here are three wonderful choices for cleansing & feeling greater energy and clearer thinking.

7 Day Cleanse: * Reduce cravings, improve sleep and jump start weight loss. Convenient daily packets with step-by-step guide.

7 Day Cleanse #21318
Retail: 52.40 Member: 44.55
21 Day Whole-Core Bundle

Retail: 228.80 Member: 194.45
21 Day Whole Complete Bundle

Retail: 320.95 Member: 272.80


Shaklee 7 Day Cleanse Challenge Well Worth It!!

“I recently did my 8th Shaklee 7 Day cleanse. I’ve committed to 2 a year. It’s absolutely a challenge well worth it for me!! I continue to get results each time. Those things include loosing at least 5 lbs, losing inches, better focus & clear mind, an incredible amount of energy, an overall feeling of well being, diminished cravings, etc. I love that & I’m grateful to have encouraged a group to join me each time. Supporting one another is a bonus & even better to hear about my groups results!! The official Shaklee 7 Day Cleanse Facebook page is also a great resource. It’s been helpful & I always recommend it to others. Shaklee products have been in my life for over 25 years & they’ve truly made a positive difference in having optimal health!!” – Michele H.

7 Day Healthy Cleanse

“I enjoyed doing the cleanse. It helped my digestion, cleared my head and gave me more energy.” – Nancy F.

You can do this!

“I have done this cleanse 3 times now and have lost between 5-8 pounds each time. This cleanse is very easy to follow and you won’t go hungry! This is a great product if you are looking to jump start your overall health improvement journey!” – Jana K.

Perfect for Your Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom & More

Get Clean Starter Kit #50456
Retail: 158.80 Member 135.00

Our Get Clean Starter Kit provides you with the best, nontoxic cleaning products for your laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and more. You can make sure every little corner of your home is clean with products you can feel good about using. Not only are our products safe for you, but they’re also biodegradable and safe for the Earth today. We even take our sustainability a step further and plant one tree with American Forests® every time we sell a Get Clean Starter Kit.

You would have to spend $3,400 on store-bought ready-to-use cleaners to get the clean in these starter kits. You’ll be using nontoxic products in your home, helping the planet, and saving money all at the same time.

While you want to make sure your home is clean, it’s sometimes at the expense of exposing yourself to products with potentially harmful or hazardous chemicals. With Get Clean products, you don’t have to worry about it. We offer safe and green choices.

I’ve used these products since 1980.

Used only these products for over 30 years
“All these products are so versatile. I use them for all my cleaning inside and outside.” – Virginia H.

Starter Kit
“Everything you need and more! The products work amazing and smell so good.” – Jessica B.

“I’m in love with my body wash, laundry detergent and my cleaning package. My kids have very sensitive skin and I know these products are 100% safe for them! Never buying another brand EVER.” – Fiorella Z.

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